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Comfortable rest space provided by

New Raon Stay Hotel

Comfortable and Reasonable Place

New Raon Stay Hotel is a new hotel in Jinju, where the elegance of the 'True Jinju' and the transformation of the innovative city coexist, providing a cozy resting place with homely service, reasonable prices, modest design and efficient space layout.

New Raon Stay Hotel offers impressive service to individual guest traveling to the beautiful city of Jinju. It will try its best to provide the optimal service to each guest with story-filled concepts along with customized guestrooms for the most memorable holiday. It promises to make your business and travel most comfortable with its individualized emotional service.

Appeal points with only

New Raon Stay Hotel

Everything for Our Guests

Distinguished service space that adds culture to comfort of hotel

Comfortable amenities and sleeping of a deluxe hotel linen at a reasonable price


We, New Raon Stay Hotel, always listen to the opinions of customers and think that every single customer Inquiry is a very important factor that underpins the continuity of hotel development.